We capture your unique style and individual needs in order to create innovative, functional and user-friendly packaging.
Our in-house manufacturing is specialized in thermoformed and injection molded plastics, cutlery packs, condiments and aluminum products. Light weight products and the use of sustainable materials are an integral part of our developments, contributing to your environmental goals.
We supply a wide range of markets across the globe, especially foodservice and airline industries.
With our expertise in design, engineering and materials we answer your need.

Our approach:

Discover, Define, Design, Deliver

Our approach is based on four key phases of work, each with a specific set of activities and deliverables.


Being aware of the real need is crucial before starting any development.
We combine in-depth knowledge and industry experience with a passion for trends and technological innovation in order to be prepared for any challenge. Together with you we go for a thorough understanding of your market , operations and customer experience.


By asking the right questions and defining a clear brief together, we work towards well-defined objectives and deliverables, resulting in the best food packaging solution.


We do not decorate; we weld content with functionality into appealing products. In this phase our dedicated team of designers and engineers translate the briefing into reliable and efficient product concepts. We use advanced technologies to turn drawings into lifelike prototypes to evaluate the products in their intended environment. We always aim for a perfect balance between look and feel, functionality, cost and environmental impact.


In this phase we translate the well -defined product concept into real products meeting the highest quality standards. Our global in-house production capabilities and knowledge enables us to be flexible and ensure a smooth introduction and delivery. We offer full customer support from initial design to final product supply and beyond.