From concept to global delivery.


At deSter we combine a wealth of in-depth knowledge and industry experience with a passion for trends and technological innovation in order to deliver on any challenge.

Together with our customers we go for a thorough understanding of their market, operations and desired customer experience.

It’s our mission to offer our customers more than just products. Through collaboration we strive to achieve a profound and lasting creative partnership, tailoring products into the exact image our clients envisioned. In order to maintain strong and personal relationships with all of our customers, our team of designers, engineers and account managers travels to all corners of the world. This gives doing business with deSter a different perspective, transcending “Business as usual”. We like to keep things up-close and personal.

From concept to global delivery

deSter has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing quality products for the aviation, food service and hospitality industries. This knowledge and experience is something that we gladly share with our clients, which substantiates our claim to bring “added value” to our business relationships.

Contingency & quality assurance​

Our global sourcing & procurement team works 24/7 to optimise cost efficiencies for our customers. Next to our own production facilities, deSter collaborates with a select group of trusted production partners around the world. These partners are meticulously chosen and continuously evaluated in order to meet the highest standards on product, delivery, contingency, service and corporate values.

Global delivery

Once a product, or an interconnected range of products, is perfected, our services department takes over production, packaging, and product delivery logistics. Using our network of manufacturing sites and warehouses located strategically around the globe adds to our effectiveness in providing a premium service to customers worldwide.

Worldwide, deSter has three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, in addition to multiple sales offices and distribution centers, serving customers around the globe. Our vision is to promote local production, not only to reduce the total cost of ownership but, as a whole, to contribute to the environment and the local economy positively.

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Design & innovation

Always aiming to find the perfect balance between look and feel, cost, functionality and environmental impact, we strive to translate a well-defined concept into real products meeting the best possible quality standards.


deSter as a designer and a manufacturer is committed to creating a positive impact on the world, which doesn’t only mean our impact on the environment but also our impact on people and our role in society.


deSter constantly grows in different markets, releases new products and implements its ESG strategy further. Our news section is regularly updated to bring you the latest updates about the business.